Independent research has shown that 90% of people who see a financial adviser on a regular basis feel the advice has benefited them. Peace of mind is seen as the most important benefit ahead of the financial benefits which can be significant.

The Financial Planning Cycle

1. Listening ~ At a free inital consultation, we begin by understanding what is important to you, your urrent financial goals, as well as collecting your personal information and explaining our fee structure.

2. Research ~ The next stage is to analyse any existing plans that you have to see if they are appropriate, and to compare them to options from the whole of the market to ensure you are invested in the most appropriate solutions.

3. Advise ~ We will create a bespoke financial plan for you recommending the best financial solutions to achieve your goals.  At a second meeting, we will explain our research and recommendations, so that you can make fully informed decisions.

4. Implement ~ Once you have had time to fully consider our advice, we will work with you to implement your financial plan.

5. Review ~ It is important that any investments are regularly reviewed to ensure that they are optimised for any changing personal circumstances, economic environment, tax legislation and regulations.  Finally, we will provide you with online access to view your investments at the touch of a button.