Investment advice services for Trusts and Charities helping trustees meet their statutory duties, and using Family Investment Companies as an alternative to complex Trust structures.

Trusts Service

Wealth brings both opportunities and challenges.  We have built a reputation on understanding the needs of our clients and the challenges they face, and creating structures that meet those needs.

Trusts, companies and foundations can all be used as vehicles to provide benefits as a result of providing informed inheritance tax planning advice, succession planning and protection of assets.

Property, cash, investments and insurance policies can all be placed into a Trust during your lifetime for the benefit of your beneficiaries, such as your partner or spouse, children or grandchildren.  Trusts can also be created on death through your will.

Family Investment Companies can also be used as an alternative to Trusts and allow significant assets to be passed on to future generations, whilst retaining control of your assets.  As with any company, a board of directors controls all investment decisions and dividends are paid to the shareholders.

We work closely with clients to identify appropriate solutions and provide advice on a wide range of structures, each tailored to meet their needs.  By providing a relationship based service, we support our clients every step of the way, providing advice and managing Trust assets.

Charities Service

Trustees are under a duty of care to act in the best interests of the charity, and have a duty to manage charitable resources responsibly and yield the best financial returns for the charity. 

Trustees have a legal requirement to diversify the investments, to take advice from someone experienced in investment matters as well as to review investments from time to time (an ‘investment advisor’).

The law states that the investment adviser must be someone who is reasonably qualified in their ability and experience of financial matters, such as an investment manager, a financial adviser, or a fellow trustee with appropriate experience.

It also recommends that all charities should have an 'Investment Policy Statement' covering its investment powers; investment objectives; attitude to investment risk; the amount available for investment; how investments will be managed; and benchmarks and targets against which performance will be measured.

At iWealth, we have built our service around priorities of charities and work closely with them to meet specific requirements.

We take time to understand your charity, your long-term strategy, and what you want your portfolio to deliver.  We then create a bespoke strategy to match your charity’s income and growth targets, attitude to risk and investment policy.

As we provide independent advice, we can source investment solutions form the whole market providing you with the best solutions to meet your charity’s goals.