Tailored for your needs, based on your circumstances, goals and attitude to risk, with ongoing advice, suitability & review.


The starting point of financial planning is about understanding your personal objectives and designing a personalised bespoke plan designed to achieve your goals.

Everyone’s goals are unique to them, whether it be ensuring that you and your family are financially protected should anything happen to you; retirement planning or estate planning.  You may want to ensure that your children have a good start in life and want to save for their education or their first home.

Attitude to Investment Risk

A corner stone of successful financial planning is your attitude to investment risk, which is how much risk you are happy to accept, however this must be balanced by your capacity for loss and how much you can afford to lose before it detrimentally affects your lifestyle. 

Whilst no-one wants to lose money, most people generally accept that they need to take some risk in order to achieve higher returns.  Doing nothing with your savings exposes you to other risks such as inflation risk, interest rate risk and diversification risk.


Suitability is one of the most important areas of financial advice as your financial adviser is responsible for ensuring that what they are recommending is suitable for your personal circumstances.  Without the reassurance of using a financial advisor, no-one is checking whether your investment decisions are appropriate for you.

As your circumstances change, your original products and investments may no longer be appropriate.  This could be due to changes in your taxation position or just that the original products no longer provide the features and benefits to meet your needs.


Your goals may change over time due for many different reasons.  Part of the review process is designed to adapt your financial plan to meet your new goals.  You may have changed jobs resulting in a change in employment benefits or decided to start your own company.

If your financial plan includes investments, the review process will ensure that your investments are still performing well and on track to achieve your investment goals.

Most people pay for their car to have an annual service even though it is still working.  You pay for your car to have an annual service to ensure that it continues to get you to your destination safely, the same applies with financial advice.