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Planning for the future of a young family - Thomas and Carla
Thomas and Carla are married and work as a dentist and a doctor. Their higher incomes meant that tax was a concern, as was financing their son’s education.
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A strategic approach to Inheritance Tax planning – Jane
Jane wanted to limit her Inheritance Tax liability, but with the flexibility to access her assets should she need more capital in the future.
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Securing a new home after a costly divorce – George
George had been trapped in a cycle of renting after being made redundant and going through a costly divorce. He needed help securing a new home.
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Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax mitigation – Michael
Michael had a large tax liability, as well as a portfolio of Buy-to-Let properties, so needed help mitigating both Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax.
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Creating a thorough pension and retirement planning strategy – Harriet
Harriet had accumulated several pensions during her working life. As a business owner, she found that she had taken her eye off her own retirement provision.
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Withdrawing income from pensions tax-free – Colin and Jean
Colin and Jean wanted to know the best way to take income from their pensions. Ideally, they wanted a household income of £40,000 per year.
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Securing better interest rates for a cash deposit – Stephanie
Stephanie had £400,000 in her bank account, earning no interest. She did not want to invest, for fear of the capital falling in value.
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Withdrawing business profits tax-efficiently – Ben
Ben is a director of his own limited liability company, He contacted us in order to understand how to withdraw profits from his business tax-efficiently.
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