High earners

Helping you to enjoy the present, knowing the future is secure

There are some unique and complex challenges that face those who have significantly high earnings. Enjoying the present whilst ensuring your savings will provide you with your desired lifestyle in the future is a careful balance that requires expert help.

Many of the challenges you face will be surrounding tax: how much you pay, what it means for your future and the best way to mitigate it. As a busy working professional, your time to enjoy your disposable income is limited; ensuring as much of it as possible is yours to keep is therefore essential.

Your family will also be of the utmost importance to you. Your children’s needs, particularly the cost of education from school through to university, will undoubtedly be one of your top priorities. You will likely want to help them financially beyond their school years: whether that’s through a house deposit or the cost of a wedding.

There is also retirement to consider. Whether you want to transition away from working life as soon as possible, or you’re not ready to retire for another 10-15 years, it’s never too early to begin planning. By doing so, you will have a strategy in place to retain your current lifestyle for the rest of your life; and ultimately accomplish the goals and aspirations that full-time work has prevented.

As Financial Planners, our role is to create a bespoke and thorough strategy that enables you to enjoy the present, safe in the knowledge that your financial future is secure.

Here’s what we do:

1. Listen

At a free initial consultation, we begin by understanding what is important to you and your current financial goals. We also collect your personal information and explain our fee structure. The consultation will close with a summary of our findings, and our suggested next steps towards a tailored solution to your needs. There is no obligation to proceed at this stage, and no costs will have been incurred.

2. Research

The next stage is to analyse your financial situation. We will use the information gathered about you to thoroughly analyse your financial position, using our extensive knowledge of financial markets, then diligently research potential solutions for your needs.

3. Advise

We will create a bespoke financial plan, recommending the best financial solutions to achieve your goals. At a second meeting, we will explain our research and recommendations so that you can make fully informed decisions. We will take you through our report step-by-step, and you are free to take the report away and give it due consideration before agreeing to move forward to the next stage.

4. Implement

Once you feel that you can make a fully-informed decision to proceed, and you have given us your consent to do so, we will begin the process of implementing our recommendations. We will assist you in completing all the relevant forms and ensure your applications are processed by the relevant investment houses and providers in a timely manner.

5. Review

It’s important that your plan is reviewed regularly to ensure that it is optimised for any changing personal circumstances, economic fluctuations, tax legislation and regulations. Finally, we will provide you with online access to view your investments at the touch of a button.

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Thomas and Carla are married and work as a dentist and a doctor. Their higher incomes meant that tax was a concern, as was financing their son’s education.
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